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Thanks for hosting and the great write up. I love icewine, time to see if I can find any of these!

Thanks for the write up and the idea of making ice wines the theme.

thanks for the round up - I can't wait to curl up with a nice glass of wine and read through all of these.

thanks again for hosting, Kitchen Chick.

Wow, quite a impressive comprahensive list of ice wine and pairings. I am looking forward to find and try a few of them.

Thanks for the Roundup.

I just started spreading the word about it.

Take care



Lisa, your “WBW #27 ROUNDUP: Ice Ice Baby!,’ is now up and linked on AvenueVine:


Thank you for all your fantastic effort, thoughts and hard work!


You missed mine:

Thanks for hosting!

Here's another great ice wine. It's missing from your roundup but this Austrian eiswein is surely not to be missed!

Here's my review of this Riesling.

Derrick & marcus, thanks for catching my mistake. I've added you both in to the Round Up.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's entries, and I'm hoping to go back over them again during Thanksgiving break.

Thanks for the great roundup. We wrote up a little article about how Icewines/Eisweins are made, and what constitutes a "true" Ice Wine. It's here, if anybody wants to check it out:

Cheers to all!

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