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I am totally vested in this edition of WBW. Yesterday bought a bottle of Inniskillin just for you ;)
Well actually, for me but I promise at least to share it's characteristics in a post for you...

I am so excited about this wbw!

thanks for hosting



WBW #27 is up on Avenue Vine...

Here’s dah linkooossss:

THE BANNER: http://www.avenuevine.com/movabletype/archives/wbw%2327-175-w.jpg

THE POST: http://www.avenuevine.com/movabletype/archives/001990.htm

Yer #27, looks way fun! See you all Nov. 8th


Rats! As a bonafide Niagara-on-the-Laker I was saving the eiswein topic for that glorious day when (if) Grape Juice got to host WBW. You've beat me to it.

We're looking forward to seeing what everyone can come up with, and have a unique little monkey in mind for our own contribution.


I am the US importer of Austrian winemaker Weinrieder's distinct Eisweins. If you live in the Bay Area and would like to get a sample of one of his creations for this WBW, write me and I get a bottle to you. Obviously, you are free to voice your personal opinion about the wine you are tasting. I am just interested to see that Fritz Rieder, the man behind the Weinrieder brand is included in this challenge.
Frank Dietrich
Blue Danube Wine Company

Sorry, my eyes are just too tied to finish these up tonight--I will get them done and off to you in the A.M.


I have been following the various postings on Icewine expecting to see at least one mention of BC Icewines.The first Icewine ever to be produced in North America was at the Hainle Vineyards in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia back in 1973. All the clamouring seems to revolve around Ontario Icewines. I am here to tell you that you haven't tasted an Icewine until you have tried one from BC. Hot days, hot nights and high humidity (personal experience) will allow the use of the Vidal grape and a little Riesling. On the other hand the hot days and cool nights and relatively low humidity in the Okanagan allows for a much wider range of grape varietals to flourish. Germany and Ontario, because of climatic conditions, do not and cannot produce a Chardonnay or a Merlot Icewine and believe me the intensity of aromas and flavours in Icewines made from these two varietals are mind blowing. I know this because I am the former owner of The Wine Barel, a specialty BC wine only, wine shop, where I sold close to 30 BC Icewines. For anyone truly interested in the complete story on Icewines, I highly recommend the book simply titled "Icewine" by the world expert on Icewine John Schreiner (ISBN # 189462213-8) Sorry I didn't post my own tasting notes on one of BC's finest. I will be covering the Icewine scene in a not too distant post on my blog (http://wwpress. blogspot.com.) Just waiting to get some further info from a winemaker currently in China. China is of course experimenting with the production of their own version of Icewine.

Icewines are GREAT!!!
I find it does not matter what region of Canada the wine comes from.
The weather controls the quality of the wine for that particular year.

Thank you for linking to my website.

I tried the Vidal from Jackson-Triggs and the Vidal from Peller Estates. I paired them with a Mango-Pineapple Stilton cheese from Dean and Deluca's. Both were out of this world with the cheese...I'm now giving them as gifts.

Personally I like red and white, it depends on what I want at that time. Over all I think quality is important and it’s good for health as well. The art of drinking wine is one that many people appreciate. For these people having a good quality wine means that it can be drunk at the right temperature. This means that the wine should not be too warm where the sophisticated flavour will be lost. One of the nicest wines that you can buy is an ice wine. Check here to find more on this topic of wine http://www.wine-expert-101.com/Ice-Wine.php

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