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Can I come over for dinner? Yum!

I like to use tomatillos in a New Mexico green chile stew - it's not an ingredient in the recipe i have but they add a nice touch.

I love tomatillo sauce, but my recipe is lacking in punch. Looking forward to trying your recipe! Thanks!

This one isn't especially complex in flavor. It's mainly about the sweet tanginess of the tomatillos with some heat from the chilies.

"Uncooked" salsa verde recipes often include a little bit of diced onions (not too many, otherwise they dominate), so that's something else to consider.

That sounds SO good! Yummy! I will definately put that recipe in my 'save' pile to try!

So, what is the reasoning behind "frying" the sauce? Doesn't that really just add some oil? That's not a bad thing, necessarily, but I'm wondering if there's any other reasons.

Frying develops the flavor some and also cooks the garlic.

Ahh, I see. Thanks for the explanation!

This goes in the recipe box for sure. Hunter Cashdollar

I made this back in October with some tomatillos from a local farm, then froze it all without eating it. We had it this weekend- it was great. I'm not normally a big fan of tomatillo sauce, but this one is really excellent.

Is that possible to make jam from this kind of tomatillo ??

Thanks a lot for your precious informations.

Is that possible to make jam from this kind of tomatillo ??

Thanks a lot for your precious informations.

This is becoming a staple with me. I bought purplish green tomatillos from a farmers market. I thought it was an odd variety but the vendor told me that is how they are when they ripen. They cooked up very nice with a bit of sweet. Foolishly I only got about a half pound, would reallystock up if the opportunity were to recur.

Hi Chris: that vendor is partially correct. There are many varieties of tomatillos with different coloring. Some are green, some yellow, some both green and purple (like your vendor), and there are even 100% purple varieties.

I can believe it, I just bought a home and after years of being unable to find tomatillo in Canada, I found out teh whole front of my home has tomatillo planted is so beautiful! the orange like paper lanterns as you mention are awesome, I just hope I dont have to take any special care for them because Im clueless about it :( also hope the ripe, they fruits are about 1cm so have to wait :P

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