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Hey, you've already got two rings!

This is actually the second way I've found that I like eggplant. The first is that Russian "eggplant caviar" a friend of ours used to make back when we had blini parties back in law school.

Come to think of it, a blini party would make a pretty cool Kitchen Chick post...

my mom does this simialrr thing with egg plant but indian style. stuffs them with indian spices and what not. its pretty good.

That looks good! And I don't even like eggplant. Actually, I think I'm mildly allergic to it; it makes my lips tingle unpleasantly, and I don't like the taste much.

But, if I could eat it, I'd eat that in a second, minus the honey.

I've never heard of anyone being allergic to eggplant. Aren't food allergies weird? I have a few minor ones, too, where I can still eat the food, but prefer not to.

Eggplant is great, I'll have to give your recipe a try.

I make a very simple grilled eggplant which is a hit in salads or sandwhiches http://www.docook.com/2006/10/01/grilled-eggplant/

Ooh, i wish i'd seen this recipe before i "lost" our eggplant to the compost pile! I did try grilling some earlier in the season, but i didn't soak it properly and the result was kind of mediocre. Maybe i'll print this and put it in my "as to z" cookbook for next year...

Don't tell Joe, but fresh brussels sprouts cooked properly are suprisingly good. unfortunately, i forget the details of the recipe i overheard during pick-up last year - something like slice in half then pan saute with lots of garlic...

We've had other people, some very good cooks, claim that about brussel sprouts, but neither of us have yet to taste any brussel sprouts that we've liked.

Actually, I thought the Asian-style sauce that Tammy used was pretty good, but, well, they were still brussels sprouts.

Ack! Couldn't stand 'em myself. Nothing to do with the sauce -- just that brussel sprout flavor and texture underneath.

so do you all like cabbage? my mother-in-law has the notion that people who don't like cabbage also don't like brussel sprouts. i'm not big on cabbage myself, and wouldn't go out of my way for brussel sprouts, but the fresh ones from tantre have such a different character from what i had as a kid!

I like cabbage just fine -- though I generally prefer it raw and shredded, rather than cooked. Unless we're talking about cabbage rolls, which can be really good.

Ditto that almost exactly word for word. We both like sauerkraut, too.

It's also good marinated in vinegar and fried with just salt and flour. Hunter Cashdollar

Mmmm, this looks great, I like eggplant but I'm not very good at cooking with it.

FYI Kitchen Chick - I threw myself on the proverbial bomb this week by taking the whole share of brussel sprouts from the CSA. Or rather, threw my dad and J on the bomb, since they both expressed a desire to eat said vegetable. I figure I'd spare you two from them. ;-)

I don't much like cabbage, so not liking sprouts either isn't a stretch to my mind.

They are welcome to it! Is J going to cook them himself?

So the Thanksgiving share... does your dad and J want the brussel sprouts? If not, I'm sure Tammy will take them.

No, I'll probably cook them for J at some point. It will be a challenge!

As for the Thanksgiving share, I'll wait to see if either of them like the sprouts they've got now. Otherwise Tammy is welcome to them.

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