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In Ann Arbor, I've only had the pho at... this place closer to the university. It's in the same building as a bubble tea place and a Kaplan (or something) and across the street from a bike store. I think the bubble tea place might be Bubble Island on University. Have you eaten there? what did you think?

Saigon Garden. If I recall right, it's the first Vietnamese place in AA. I would eat their pho again. I think they're fairly comparable to Paradise, except that they don't deliver to my house. :-)

I have had disappointing pho at some other places in the greater area, though I feel like I should have a second try before naming names.

I think that pho soup has miracle healing powers. I used to eat it at least once a week at Than Brothers in Seattle. Now in New York City, I eat at Nha Trang whenever I'm in Chinatown. It's like magic. Yum!

Aha! Was wondering what that restaurant was like, I'll have to give it a try.

Melissa: mmm... i love to have pho when i'm sick. i think it's the mix of the broth and the lemon/lime (i always forget which it is. or maybe some places use lemon and some lime).

In Boston, the Pho Pasteur mini-chain of restaurants makes the real thing. It absolutely has healing powers!

I am very glad that I have your blog on my list. Most of the food bloggers out there (that I like) are in Europe, NY or some other place nothing like or close to Michigan. We have misssed Pho ever since leaving SE Asia a year and a half ago. We were not sure where to look, and now we do! Thanks. I think we will pay a visit this weekend...

tech_sam: I will be interested to hear what you think. My only experiences with pho have been at a handful of places in the states (Michigan, Texas, and California), and my reviews, of course, can only be compared against what I've had before.

I do have a friend who is Vietnamese and she makes excellent pho, but I can't exactly order pho for delivery from her. :-)

What are you talking about? I make pho every Sunday. Give me a call and I will gladly feed you with a big bowl of Pho xe lua.. Meaning hug e bowl with the fixing. :) I got a pot going tonight for tomorrow.

Thu: but do you deliver? :-) I will talk to Joe and we'll give you a call.

hehe..you guys are a hop and skip away. Its no problem, at all.

Thank you! We're calling you. :-)

My favorite dish at Saigon Garden is their "pork with coconut" (and lots of black pepper!) served in a clay pot. yum! never tried pho, though...

Unfortunately, the best pho is to be found in troy. There are several places, but thung thang is my personal fav. For more info search detroit pho on chowhound.

Took the recommendation and gave Paradise a try. It was lovely and perfect for a winter night. Nice to have it at home, with the baby tucked away. And you didn't mention: cheap, cheap, cheap.

p.s. my wife loves Pho Pasteur in Boston, but it really does feel like chain restaurant to me.

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