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I can't imagine anything better than apple pie cake in autumn!

This sounds delicious. I love apples and I love cake. Together at last.
I'm really not a baker, but I wonder if the extra moisture in your recipe comes from using butter instead of shortening. Is there any other good substitute for hydrogenated (sp?) oil? Not that using butter isn't ALWAYS a great idea!

Ivonne: I love autumn. Apple pies (and "pie cakes"!) and warm soups and stews. Pears and pomegranates and Fall raspberries and squash and the tail end of summer produce.

Melissa: I'm sure the butter affects the texture, but I think the extra moisture comes mainly from the apples. There's almost more apples than batter (and I tend to err on using a bit more apple than called for). And there's quite a bit of sugar in this recipe, so I think the carmel-y flavor is the sugar carmelizing a bit. (I've thought about trying this recipe with less sugar.)

At this time of year, the orchards are bursting with several varieties of apples, and I'm filling my freezer with apple cakes. This recipe looks wonderful -- does it freeze well?

Lydia, I've never tried freezing it. It's best the day its made, but if I were going to try freezing it I would do so as fast as possible.

I just found your site via Egullet. You're doing a great job. Do you think the apple cakes would work well cooked in the morning/afternoon and reheated for service after dinner?

TomC: thanks, glad you like my blog. I've never prepared this cake far inadvance. The taste won't suffer for being made somewhat in advance. What changes is the texture. If you get the top a deep brown, then very nice crispy edges can develop.

I would make it as late as possible, but do allow some cooling time. (Served right away it will fall apart.) If you make it in advance, I recommend NOT sealing it up in a tupperware as trapping that heat and moisture in it will make it soggy.

FWIW, I did reheat the mini-soufflé one in the photo in the microwave and it tasted just fine.

Idea: sprinkle a bit of demera sugar on top and reheat under a broiler.

I gave this a shot last night after finally picking up new baking soda (expires in January 05?!). Not terribly sweet like I was afraid of, it was just sweet enough. Very moist and enjoyable.

Thank you for the recipe!

I'm glad you like the apple cake. I find this one skirts the edge of being too sweet, but then tend to like my sweets a bit less sweet than than others prefer, so it's probably spot on for most people. It certainly vanishes when I serve it to friends.

what kind of apples are used in this apple pie cake recipe ? it was not mentioned. iam thinking that a green apple or one with a tart flavor is best like granny smith as there is alot of sugar in it. I have had this some years ago and looking forward to tring it again.

Marylou: I like to use tart apples for cooking. Granny Smith. Northern Spy, Empire, Jonathan work well for baking.

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