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i always miss ready your title and think its some site saying Kitchen Chink. lol

That's okay. I often mis-speak my website title and end up calling myself "Chicken Kitsch"!

Found you through one of our columnists. This is one of my favorite restaurants in our little neck of detroit. Love the blog.

Please post a traditional complete menu. When people are hungry and want to order something right away, the last thing they want is to have to imagine what you have or what it'll cost. They will most likely order for carry out elsewhere.hort

I hope I have not confused you into thinking that this webpost *is* the restaurant's website. It's only a review. Louisiana Creole has a sizable menu, so I hope you'll forgive me if I decline to type it in. All of the items we ordered are traditional items. We stuck with combination platters so that we could try a wide variety of dishes.

You're right that I could have included prices for the dishes we ordered. The Hungryman's Platter was 7.99, the Creole Trio was 12.99, collards were 3.25, candied yams 3.50, and cornbreads were 50 cents for two. It was a lot of food -- more than I would order if I weren't planning on reviewing the place. We could have each left stuffed on about $7/each or less.

Great article. May have to give this place a shot whenever I'm in Detroit. LR Bergeron

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