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Isn't that wine great? Especially for $8.

Recipe sounds good too!

A perfect summer meal!

Even the leftovers are good...

Wow, crazy... I just made something like that, except with chicken instead of salmon. I'll have to try the salmon. And of course I haven't had time to go to a farmer's market lately, so I had to use frozen veggies. :(

That looks sooooo delicious!

Grilling fish is a bit tricky, I've found. The keys are:
1) Paying attention, which you've already discovered :)
2) Having a _really_ clean grate. I heat the grill grate once the coals are ready and the give it a good scrub with a wire brush. Likewise after removing the food, I scrub it down while it's still hot.
3) Oil the grate, and the food. Just get a wadded up paper towel dipped in oil, and rub it across the grate to lube it up. Likewise, rub a bit of oil on the food to be grilled.

Doing these things will pretty much eliminate any issues with sticking food, including fish, including if you grill it skin-side down (which in general should be fine)

Love the story. I can just see you trying to take the salmon off the hot grill. Definitely something I have done before! I just did some salmon on a plank at my blog. First time using a plank and the grill. Come take a look when you get a chance. http://cookingquest.wordpress.com

Would love your ideas and opinions!


How much of each of the herb mix did you use? I am very much interested in herbs and spices for fish and whatever.

@Randy: the herb mix was used with the corn. I'm fairly certain I used 1/4 C of chopped mixed herbs as called for in the recipe.

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