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Ah, another lover of Lan Chi Chili Paste with Garlic! You might enjoy this recipe for chili paste with pasta:

I'm going to try your recipe with ground turkey instead of pork, and the Thai basil that's just coming into its own in my herb garden. Thanks!

Saw your write-up in the Observer today - enjoy the much deserved recognition! :^) And keep on reviewing those overlooked restaurants, I appreciate it.

Tricia: thank you. I think it's pretty neat, too. :-) I've been doing more cooking lately, but I promise to get back to the restaurant reviews.

Hey, I appreciate the recipes, too - I finally learned how to 'fry' tofu from one of your postings!

Have been trying to find a source for Lan Chi chili and garrlic paste online--I am housebound yet still woking. Please advise if you know of one. Thanks,. M

(Kitchen Chick's husband here)

I can't find an online source for it either. But we should be able to get it in one of our local stores, and we could ship a jar or two to you if you cover the costs of the Lan Chi and shipping.

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