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Passionfruit (in some sort of jar)?

Dang, you beat me to it!

basil seeds?

kiwi fruit jam!

The Paramecium Bar!

basil seed juice? (to be drunk as you would apple juice i think)

those look like dill seeds...

A cactus pear

close up of a pappadum?

Cheese with caraway seed

passionfruit in jelly.

I've had that before - thai basil seed drink.

I was going to say kiwi jelly. But I feel that is incorrect.

Some sort of passionfruit?

golden kiwi

Mouse droppings in Cow Urine. Grandma's secret recipe.

golden kiwi salad dressing

Um, radioactive fish eyeballs? (PS. Kitchen Chick rocks!!)

A chunk of havarti cheese with toasted black sesame seeds in it?

Well, I know it's not snakes on a plane, so ... could we pretty please get an answer? I've been waiting on the hook for almost three weeks, and I'm getting desperate here!

I understand you're impatient, and I'm sorry I've kept everyone waiting so long. Unfortunately, running Kitchen Chick isn't my main job (yet?), and sometimes it has to take second or third to other things that come up in life that can't always be controlled or planned for. The answer will certainly be my next post.


yummy and crunchy honey basil drink.

I think it is poppy seed drink of some sort.

sweet basil seed

sweet basil seed

Definitely Sweet basil seed drink. Either with honey / and lemon / sugar

I think it's basil seed in honey maybe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrSTQDVc0tc I've been visiting your blogs for sometime now. They are fun guessing them. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the recipes.

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