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I just made this today (and posted about it)... excellent! Thanks!

As a fellow Tantre member - and often mystified kale recipient as a result - I have to say "more like this, please."

Murph: I'll see what I can do. Stephanie Noble added cumin to her version of Cado Verda, and that does sound mighty tasty. I recently made a nice garlicky green lentil and kale (or was is chard? either will work fine) soup that I will have to post. And right now it's collard greens season. Yum!

Mmmmm....I had this when I was last visiting the inlaws in Lisbon.

Between those of us who barely speak English and those of us who barely speak Portuguese and those of us fluent in both but do not cook, no one could explain to me that we were eating kale....I thought it was spinach.

It was served with chouriço that was doused in aguardente and lit on fire before serving--ala saginaki.

This is actually called "caldo verde" (in Portugal at least...perhaps the Goans drop the L)...caldo translates to a type of broth.

Sarah: I bet it would work well with spinach, too. And, you know, the "Cado" could be a typo in the cookbook.

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