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I've been hankering after (yes, I did say hankering) an ice cream maker for AGES. :) This recipe may finally give me the push to go and get one. I love blueberries, and this recipe looks fantastic. Thanks for posting it.


The recipe is actually out of the recipe booklet that comes with the ice cream maker. I don't know that I can say all the recipes that came with the machine are quite so good, but this one works well enough. We'll be investigating other books and online recipe sources.

(Kitchen Chick's husband here)

Well, the peanut butter ice cream recipe that came with the machine is easily this good. WOW.

I make my fruit sorbets based on an article in Cook's July/August 1995. What the author recommended was to vary the amount of added sugar and lemon juice based on the amount of sugar in the fruit.

The (abbreviated) master technique is as follows:

2 cups fruit puree or juice
.75 - 1.25 cups sugar
0-2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp vodka or other alcohol

1. Prepare the puree (as you do above)
2. Combine puree or juice, sugar, lemon juice and alcohol. Stir until sugar has dissolved (usually 5 minutes at most).
3. Pour mixture into small container. Seal and refridgerate until mix is no more than 40 degrees.
4. Pour chilled mix into ice cream machine, churn until frozen.
Scoop frozen sorbet into container, transfer to freezer to allow to firm up.

The amount of sugar recommended for blueberry sorbet is one cup, while the amount of lemon juice is 2 tbsp.

Generally I have found this technique to be sound. I have made blueberry, rasperry, cantaloupe, watermelon and strawberry sorbets using the technique and love the results. I've also gotten creative and made some exotic-flavored sorbets, my best so far being lemon-ginger-basil.

I see that you use lime juice instead of lemon, and I can't think of any reason why one would be any different than the other. I just happen to have a lemon tree in the back yard, which makes lemons a good value.

I do recommend getting the article from Cook's if you're interested (I'm not affiliated with them in any way)...it's well worth it if you are thinking about making a lot of fruit sorbets. The article really helped me to create sorbets that are firm like ice cream and that tase like the essence of the fruit ingredients.

I think you made a very wise purchase!

(Don't you just love how that happens!)

Well done ... the blueberry ice looks lovely.

Very informative post, got some good information about starting off in ice cream making, I'm more into juice making but this could be a natural progression. Your post also highlights the fact you should do some research before purchasing any sort of mechanical food/juice contraption in order to understand ease of use and capabilities.

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