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I've had great experiences with Monahan's parchment-paper-wrapped fish preparations to take away. Most are about 10 minutes in a 350 F oven. Not quite as perfect as pan-fried filets, but faster and healthier. There's nothing like pointing out a filet at Monahans counter and enjoying it right there. Just make sure you have more than 30 minutes to spare.

Chewy is a great chef. After knowing him and cooking with him personally, I advise everyone to go sample his delicious cuisine. He's got his head on his shoulders and he knows what tastes great.

this place loks very cool. need to check it out some day

Seems like a great place to eat. The food looks delicious.

Chef Chewy is not only an awesome and talented chef, he is a true blessing in the lives of all he touches. He is an an incredible young man with a sensational future.

Bon Appetite!

Chef Chewy has cooked for me personally and he is not only a wonderful cook and gracious host, but has knowledge of foods, wines, and spices that just blows my mind. Go and see for yourself!

I have not had the pleasure of dinning there, but I have had the pleasure of knowing him for a very long time and can't wait to get to Michigan to try everything on his menu, and see him again!!

Not the Mike Surace from Parma, O?

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