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I have 3 types of trap and they have managed to eat off them without them going off. We are on day 7 and have had to put poison out as we can no longer sleep. Put peppermint oil down yesterday and it seemed quiet but I used a whole bottle and today it isn't bothering them. The wire wool was pushed out of the hole in the bathroom. I am about to borrow a cat and call out the proffesionals and book into a hotel which we can barely afford but we cannot cope with the sleep deprivation much longer. I worry how we will manage if they still arn't gone after.

Another solution to the mice problem is peppermint or spearmint plants or plant peppermint or spearmint seeds around your house. Also placing peppermint candy inside the drawers and in the corners of the house also works. I hope this helps

i have a little mouse who was caught by my cat all he did was sit and stared at ot until it ran off! So i think that i'll be trying the peppermint oil!!

Just moved into our house in July of 2011. It is now November and it seems to be mice galore! I am constantly cleaning off my stove and sweeping up the droppings. I have a 2 year old and she is now weary about making the trip to the bathroom at night because she has seen a mouse run past in the kitchen. I have contacted my landlord who says that she's never had this problem... I don't believe that for one second! She says she will pay for an exterminator but I have a feeling this will not do much. I am at my wits end and ready to just move out! This whole scenario has just broken me down mentally! The stove and kitchen counters are my biggest problem... I am at a loss.

Yes, it repels mice (though I had to resoak the cotton balls every other day) but it just moves them someplace else in your house where you don't see them. While I was messing around with a variety of humane alternatives, the mice were breeding more and more mice and a small problem grew to a large infestation. In addition to spreading disease, they can chew through wiring and cause house fires among other damages.

You have to get tough. Save yourself the trouble I went through: if you see evidence of mice, IMMEDIATELY visit the CDC website for good information and take care of the matter.

There are 3 grades of DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (it is best to have "only" FOOD GRADE on hand for multiple uses (don't breathe the POWDER into your lungs). "Diatomaceous earth" is a healthy addition to human foodstuffs and animal feed (used for horses, pets, and in many intestinal cleansing products), but it's also claimed to be effective AGAINST ants, roaches, bed bugs and tiny pests because it CUTS into their outer shell and dehydrates them.

It is inneffective against mice and rats (don't let it leak into lakes...the fish will bleed internally, it cuts their innards).

I've heard of farmers using bars of IRISH SPRING soap in their barns because the smell is irritating to rodents (placed every 5 feet for a strong smell). I've also heard people say that ANY strong smell (even garlic) is effective against rodents.

I've used a Have-a-Heart Trap, and caught mice in them, but then I wasn't sure if they were coming back in the house after I released them. Anybody got any ideas about how to mark a mouse so you can recognize it later? I tried dropping nail polish on them through openings in trap, but it doesn't dry fast enough and they brush it off.

Boo... I have orkin coming out to my house also. I put pepermint oil in my basement after finding droppings in my theater basement. GROSS!!!!
Then, after being convinced I got rid of them they stayed away from the basement, they came upstairs!!! I'm putting pepermint oil throughout the house but including mr orkin! Hope it works cuz IM FREAKING OUT. Lol

Whew, reqding all the foregoing was most chilling. I share with a few posters here a huge phobia of mice and rats. For 25 years, I hadn't seen any mice in my attic apt, but had seen one in my livingroom 2 weeks ago. I no longer go into that room, and have, instead, moved my love seat and tv table into my bedroom and stuffed rags under the livingroom door. Also have stuffed same under the backdoor in the kitchen. We had a new roof put on, and the folks next door had a new garage built. So, reading others' posts here, I can see that the two events may have caused mice to move in. My landlady's cat caught and killed a mouse the morning of the afternoon I'd spotted the one in my livingroom.
I have blocked any holes I see with tin foil, but will get steel wool, too.
Oh, man, I cannot tell you all how badly frightened I was when I'd read about the person who was bitten in their bed by a bold mouse! Geez! I'd never thought they'd attack people, though I know rats will.

We have a feral cat colony in the 'hood, so I bet they've been helping to keep mice populations down.

I'm vegan, but I could care less if mice are killed. They are vermin.

Bought a device with purportedly makes the electric system uncomfortable for mice. It's isn't a sonic noise maker. Let's hope it works.
Perhaps I will try oil of peppermint. I do fervently hope I never endure what several people here have gone thru. I'd lose my sanity!
I do have a big cat who is expert at catching bugs, so I bet she would be a great mouser. She sleeps with me, so that should keep any mice from joining me in bed, too.


Peppermint oil can be found at health food stores.

We actually heard our little mouse or mice at it may be tonight. They were making a nest with some of my coupons in my kitchen cabinet. My son opened the cabinet door and it ran and kicked coupons out on us....grrr...I did have some peppermint extract in my cabinet and I put some on a cotton ball and threw it into the cabinet. A few minutes later I heard the little critter try to return to finish his business...only he scratched a few times and then stopped completely. So it would seem that peppermint oil does work...however the extract I used will be short lived because it is 90% alcohol and will evaporate fast. I'm going to get the essential oil tomorrow from GNC. I really wouldn't mind killing them but sometimes it's bloody and really gross. This is way better and the fresh peppermint smell is wonderful in my kitchen.

Glue traps snap.traps humane traps bucket traps zapper traps and only 2 mice :( thats not including the first which was easiest to catch thanks to a Dyson hoover - logic tells me there are more :( dogs totally uninterested :( they have eaten 30mg of coumadin/warfarin why wont they.die/get/caught or plainly vacate don't hear them I just know there here 3 mice in 6 weeks thats at a low estimate 6 babies errrr..... feels like a scene from the movie MOUSE HUNT dont want to block them under floor because I know they will start knawing away So fed up with this - I think they are coming from next door his house is a dump!

This site has been so helpful to me. My son saw a mice in our apt lastnite and we are scared to go home. I'm headed to get peppermint oil NOW!!!! Anyone know where I can buy a candle burner from. I wanna burn the oil in it.

No, do not (NOT) burn the oil. It is not INCENSE. It is not meant to be heated at all. It is not like kerosene that gives off heat or light, it is a FRAGRANCE that is strong and irritating to the nostrils of the rodent (THAT is what repels the mice and rats).

Hi, I've read peppermint oil was indeed effective so i started last night -- excellent i have them ready as i use them sometimes for aromatherapy. I didnt know i have to use cotton balls so sprinkled the oil around the house and put some on humidifier. A few minutes later, heard the rascals making noise and scratching behind the wall, and one running across the living area. I think i managed to disturb them! Bought another bottle of oil this morning, and have just finished dropping soaked cotton balls around the house again. Gosh, im hoping the house will be quiet tonight!

the peppermint oil seems to work for me. no mice for 2 nights now.

hi there, just wanted to update for everyone. so far i have used the combination of the following and no mice for a few weeks now:
- cleaned the house of clutter - tossed old papers, no food left unattended
- re arranged stuff - furniture moved around
- mopped areas with trace of infestation with bleach solution
- switch peppermint oil with lavender oil from time to time. i also use lavender air freshener as substitute and i think it does work.
- dropped mothballs inside cupboards
- installed an ultrasonic sound device, i bought mine online from the UK
- put up an electronic trap - it killed 3 mice for the last 3 weeks.

so far, the above have worked for me.

Every one wish ways of eliminating mice those are safe for both kids and pets. Among the many well-known ways for mice extermination, peppermint oil is a secure ways that will also keep your house smelling great.

I know use use of Peppermint Oil for Mice Extermination is very effective. But it all depends upon you use it.

Okay, I found this information all today while searching for a solution to my problem. See, I live in an old house in a small farming community. My husband and I have had several cats in order to keep mice away, but I'm allergic. I can't even handle cat litter without consequences.
The problem is, within a month or so of getting rid of a cat, we are infested again. I can't use poison or traps because of little kids (seriously frightening when a trap closes on little fingers! SO glad that friend didn't sue...). Glue traps so DO NOT WORK. I found so many of them with patches of fur, but no mice or rats actually stuck to them. The live mouse traps didn't work either: mice will butcher each other to escape and they learn to avoid those easily enough. At least the snap traps work, even if it is disgusting to have to deal with dead mice.
I converted all my food into mouse proof containers after the last infestation, including storing cat and dog food in a large trash can with a good lid. My husband has not followed this strictly, but if his precious spices are attacked when this cat goes, he'll convert quickly.
Mothballs and dryer sheets irritate my sinus allergies, so those won't work.
The foundation has a lot of issues so plugging the place up is virtually impossible. And honestly, I'm afraid of the basement... I'd keep the cat there, but last time we tried that, it went ferrel and we had to clean the basement (again, allergies).
I'm liking the peppermint idea, but feel like there should be something more I could do.
My brother suggested keeping chickens, since they are apparently savage towards mice. I'm not sure that will keep them out of my house, but it would certainly keep them away from my yard. I'm not sure we can because of zoning: we are technically in the middle of the city.
I hear certain dog breeds are good for rats, which does get us away from my allergies (unless a new one develops).
I can't take the hives and headaches much longer! Please help!

I'd personally reccomened to work with the particular sticky rat epoxy pads and place these close to your home. The mouse are certain to get caught on to them.

Peppermint oil really repel mice but lime powder or boric acid last a lot longer than peppermint oil.
I use a combination of lime powder, peppermint oil and water and I spray or pore the solution inside the wall boards where the mice live. This also works on bugs.

Thank you, I've recently been searching for information about this topic for a lengthy time and yours will be the very best I've found out so far. But, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you certain concerning the supply?

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Last year I encountered my first experience with mice. At first a friend suggested getting rid of them the old fashioned way that worked really well--filling a bucket of water 1/2 full with peanut butter smeared around the inside about 3 inches down. But you know what they say...for every 5 you catch there's many more really also living there.

A few years ago I planted mint outside and who knows if that has worked.

But this spring, something I did for aromatherapy and quickly wondered if it could be helping, is I bought some peppermint oil at the health food store and started putting it in my humidifier.

I think it's working.

There's a lot of info about using peppermint on this site. This is perhaps one more option?? Thanks for reading.

Peppermint oil! Nothing else works. Including expensive pest control companies. They only work temporarily - an honest one will tell you that. We change put the cotton balls about once a month and have the poison bits in places as well. So far works the best - as long as you keep up with it. Going to maybe try the fox piss granules too just to deter new ones from coming in - we live in the country!

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