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Oooh, those look tasty! By the way, how big is the griddle? And how big is one of those dumplings?

They look like what the dutch cook their little mini pancakes - proffertjes - in. My sister has one of those, like an antique one and she puts tea candles in each of the indents and then puts it on the dinner table during meals...gorgeous lighting effect thats a bit different to the standard candles.

I guessed! Really? Knowing the name of these delectable goodies makes me dance for joy as I now can find recipes. The only time I have had these was as street food during a fair in San Diego. Now...off to find the pan. Aebelskivers are bigger than these (that pan I have and make them every New Year's). Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. It has been fun!

Hola there! hope you are doing well during this holiday season...Hugs from Panama :)

i would like to know where i can buy the thai kanom krok pan just like the one shown on this site not the aebleskiver pan. i like that it has a lot of holes which would make cooking the coconut pancake faster.


Unfortunately, my parents bought it in Thailand, so I don't have a local or web source for you. (They then hauled three of these insanely heavy things -- they're made of cast iron -- back in their luggage. My parents are nuts. In a good way. ;-)

Mom gave me a pan like this 17 years ago... I never knew what to do with it! (she didn't either) Mine has 19 holes 1 1/2"x 1/2" with two handles. Think it is the same thing?

It could be. It shouldn't be an aebleskiver pan, because those have less holes, and the holes are bigger. It might be whatever the Japanese use to make takoyaki. In any event, it should work fine for kanom krok or takoyaki...

Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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