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Is it a cast-iron egg cake maker for Chinese egg-cakes?

Or a takoyaki pan?

Or something completely different?

Aebleskiver pan bottom?

Something to freeze blueberries individually? Just kidding!

Hmm, given the number of dimples it looks more like a Poffertjes pan than Aebleskiver - but even then the scale is wrong. (I'd never heard of Aebleskiver before, so I had to go look...)

My guess is that it's the surface of a silicone hot pad / trivet, or else it's a simmer pad to use on a cooktop burner.

Aebleskivers rule! But you're right - most aebleskiver pasn have only four or five dimples. As for what it might be...?

Takoyaki pan- upside down.

The pan is upside down. It is for a Thai dessert dumpling which I have had at a Thai restaurant in San Diego but never learned the name. I am still trying for the name as I want the recipe.

I'm guessing takoyaki as well.

My guess is... I agree with Tricia, it looks like a Poffertjes (tiny puff pancakes) pan.

It looks like that dumpling maker thingy I just saw on "Cook's Tour" while he was visiting St. Petersburg. So, my guess is a Russian Dumpling Mold.

George is right! While never having tasted an aebelskiver, the pans have always fascinated me! ;-)

The answer is coming soon...

it isn't an escargot broiler pan? (wild guess) hmm i'm stumped!

The item... has been used. Photos to come.

That is with out a doubt an aebleskiver pan. It is in fact a tradition in my (danish) family to make these every year for christmas breakfast. My great great- grandmother Nano started this tradition the year she came over from Denmark and it still continues, as a matter of fact, since I got married this year, I have to learn to make them now. and I am 1 of the 4 women in the family that makes them! Can't wait... 5 more days!

The answer, for those who are curious, is here:

Answer to Name That Kitchen Thing

(Don't let that stop you from guessing first!)

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