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I need to pay more attention to these events, I would have loved to participate in this one. It was a really hot summer, wasnt it?

I'd love to try growing lemongrass. I wonder if it would grow in Utah where it's very dry. Also I didn't know it could be frozen. Nice to know because I do get some good looking lemongrass in the market once in a while. Thanks for the info.

Wow! You grow your own lemongrass! That is awesome. I don't know anybody else who grows their own lemongrass. Where did you get the seeds or bulbs or whatever it is that lemongrass grows from? (I don't have a clue, but I'd like to try growing some too.) :)

Some of the local plant nurseries sell lemon grass. I buy it in the spring. It's just a tiny whisp of a plant. Give it plenty of water and hot temps, and it'll grow fairly quickly. Supposedly in colder climates you can bring it inside during the winter, but I've never tried that.

Kalyn: I think it would grow just fine in Utah as long as you water it enough. It is a tropical grass and does like moisture.

Lemon grass can be used in curries. It will be finished in no time.

Check out recipes for Thai and Indonesian curries, eg: rendang. Also a recipe for Chilli crabs. I had a personal website for some recipes, many involving lemon grass.

Shucks, lemon grass can be used in practically anything. It's just underrated and very few know of it's falvor power.
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