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gosh i never make any before!!! hmm i wonder if i could try it

You might find the technorati tag works better if you put a www in the url.

Then again it might make no difference at all! ;0)

Woo hoo!!!!

I love to make souffles! Great choice of theme.

Fantastic theme! this time I will participate :)

Oh, thank you! I now have an excellent excuse to buy a new (and properly-sized) baking dish! And the husband can't stop me...haha haha.

A.. soufflé? Oh my god. Yes, that is quite a challenge. I'm.. excited or scared beyond my wildest imagination, I can't really tell. This will be.. different.

what a great theme. Very focused! I have never made a souffle but have always wanted to try and although I am working really rediculous hours and weekends for the month of october I hope to be able to give this a try. Even if I am late with my entry.

Despite what andrew says, I don't think the www makes a difference, and Technorati themselves, in their example of how to add a tag, suggest the code does not need to include the www

A souffle?! I am feeling nervous already...I'm a souffle virgin...but this will be really exciting :)

I was so inspired yesterday after reading this post, and realising I had everything I would need to make them at home, I made souffles last night.
My first ever.

PS - bet you cant make a vegan souffle!

I'm happy to see so many people excited about souffles.

Sam -- A souffle already? Wow! As for vegan souffles... Time permitting (it's an insanely busy work month for me too), I'm hoping to test several different souffles. I really don't know yet what I'll make for IMBB 20, so vegan is certainly a possibility.

Re: technorati
I think you're right. The www isn't needed. I checked technorati, and it's found the IMBB20 tag. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed from your IMBB "How to Join in" format. I thought it a very organized way to present the IMBB rules.

Oh goodness, Molly (of Orangette fame) and I made a gluten-free souffle this past Sunday, and I just did a post about it. Is it okay if I'm early? I'll put the technorati tag on it now.


Oh, I do so hope I can be included, even if i can't follow directions properly! The pictures are mighty find, and I guarantee you no one else will be doing a gluten-free version!

A great excuse to bite the bullet.

yes! yes! yes! i had bought a souffle dish 2 weeks ago wanting to try a recipe -- what perfect timing! i haven't made a souffle in YEARS and the last one was a non-falling souffle (there was an explanation at the beginning of the recipe as to why it was so but i can't remember now -- just that it had broccoli and the requisite eggwhites in it). great choice:D!

Is the San Francisco Chronicle participating in IMBB #20? The October 21 "Critics Choice" on the Restaurant Page is Dazzling Souffles. It includes very short reviews of 11 places in the SF Bay Area that have souffles of note.

I am working on it---will be out later today or tomorrow morning :)

Hi...my entry is up at Fiery, Dark, Dangerous Chocolate Soufflé! Thanks for hosting this wonderful event!

Years ago at La Vie En Rose in St Martin, FWI, I had a tomato souffle that was light but with a tomato essence that I can recall even today. Delicious. We went back every year--just for the tomato souffle. Does anyone out there make one? I hoping that one surfaces in the course of your challlenge.


If you have a chance to catch the Good Eats episode on souffles, Alton Brown provides a really good lesson on the mechanics of making a souffle. His recipe is a favorite of mine. The episode provides a lot of handy tips on making a souffle (i.e. run your finger around the edge of the souffle before putting it in the oven, don't open the oven door, etc.) that aren't covered in the recipe.

Alice, I recently saw that Alton Brown episode and agree that he did a great job explaining the process.

What a great show.... too bad cablevision took it away from me.

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