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Ingenious! The "duo-ffle" opens up a whole new world of souffles.

Beautiful. I love the color contrast.

Fantastic creation! Who would have thought of a souffle within a souffle.

Very innovative! Can't wait to see the recipe. It really came out terrifically.

it looks beautiful! wow---please post the recipe :) want to take a look...

What an excellent combo! So very enticing! A month of souffles? I may have to try that! They all sound so good!

sorry i'm late :-( here's my post: chocolate passion fruit souffle! yum! :-) http://cucinatestarossa.blogs.com/weblog/2005/10/sugar_high_frid.html

That is amazing. I would never have thought to combine two soufflé mixtures.

WOW! That's an impressive soufflé!

Thanks! I had fun making it. Both of these recipes, especially the chocolate one, seem to be able to "hold their air" a bit longer than other souffles I've made.

The round-up is finally getting on line. Savories first, sweets second.

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