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A yakisoba roll?

You're right, that's a pretty bad picture - not very appetizing!

I can tell you that it was really, really good -- if a bit unconventional in form.

(And no, I'm not saying it was a yakisoba roll. Just that whatever it was, it was good.)

Is it a marron cake? Chestnut cream?

I see chopsticks, so it's probably Asian, and strawberries, so it might be a dessert. From Eastern Accents, perhaps? But there my guessing ends.

Is it Konyaku Noodles?

i think it's a Mamason Roll: fried shrimp and avocado wrapped with rice, seaweed paper and king crab on the outer layer, with some sauce! Yummy sushi dish here in Dallas, TX.

I'm with Tokyoastrogirl- an unusually shaped Mont blanc.

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