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This is fantastic news. One of my biggest worries about moving to Chicago is lack of access to Japanese mayo. Seriously, I am that pathetic.

Oh, we have quite a number of Asian grocery stores in the AA area:

Great Land (primarily Chinese), out on Carpenter
Tsai Grocery (lot of Japanese items), AA-Saline Rd.
Another large most Chinese store on Plymouth Rd.
Manna (really Korean, but lots of Chinese stuff)
Another new one at Liberty & Stadium

There are also several Japanese groceries in the Livonia area.

The one on Plymouth (at Huron Parkway) is called China Merchandise.

Tsai Grocery is actually a Taiwanese-owned store. They have good Chinese stuff too, especially Southern- and Southeastern-China style.

Yes, Tsai Grocery is Taiwanese, but they do stock a lot of Japanese food items. (Since they run the Japanese restaurant next door, Godaiko, this isn't surprising.)

Got to check out Hua Xing.
Most of our Oriental grocery shopping happens at Great Land on Carpenter.
Love your blog.
BTW, I'm Indian; last time I checked, India was part of Asia - SE Asia to be exact.
So don't go tossing that Indian family off the continent :-)

Oh, I'm using the American English definition of "Asian," which colloquially-speaking doesn't include India (unlike the official US Census definition). I know that in British English the word Asia refers to the Indian subcontinent. There's a discussion about this at wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian.

I'll be in AA this weekend, I'll have to check it out. Have you ever eaten at Jefferson Market? Tammy( host of the egullet gathering) raves about it.

Yes. We've been there two or three times. I know it's a favorite of Tammy's. We like it -- the food is good and the atmosphere unique and cool, but it's not at the top of our list mostly because we prefer other cuisines.

*indignant squeaking*

I gets no respect wherever I go. (Being of the Indian sub-continent, I am especially saddened to find myself kicked out of Asia when I'm just looking for a home.)

I'd really like to check out this place. Can anyone give me a detailed address? I couldn't find it on the yellow page.

Kitchen Chick's husband here. Hua Xing is at 2867 Washtenaw Avenue in Ypsilanti.

Mellissa -- to quote Shakespeare, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

This is a great market. I was up from Ohio visiting my friends in Ypsi and stopped in to see it. Everything from kitchen supplies/utensils to live crabs/fish/eels. Great selection of veggies, even fresh, live seaweed. LOTS and LOTS of frozen selections...about 15 kinds of frozen dumplings alone. Too bad there isn't a website for me to order off of.

Wow! Great info. I wish, I could have such a writing skills.

I went Hua Xing on Washtenaw in Ypsilanti out of curiosity and with a desire for myself and my two daugters to see new things. (I am not of asian decent) An older woman, who I found out was the owner's mother, followed myself and my two children around the store with an unpleasant frown on her face. She watched us like a hawk and it was an extremely uncomfortable experience to say the least. It's a shame that such ignorance still exists in this day and age. I spent the rest of the evening explaining to my 8 and 13 year old that we were indeed welcome and free to shop anywhere we pleased. Just wanted to vent publicly in hopes that something will be done and no one else will be made to feel as unwelcome as that woman made myself and my children feel. Ironically, it is a really nice store...and even though I did purchase something (to demonstrate to the woman that the majority of black people DO INDEED PAY for their items and are not theives)...I highly doubt I will continue to patronize a store that makes me feel like I'm less than anyone else. My advise...it's a nice store as long as you are not concerned about the people there treating you like a common thief!

I am a White Female Flight Attendant who travels to Asia alot.
I love Culture and I am pleased that I can shop here and get all the goodies instead of lugging the stuff through Customs.Great prices too!
They have it all. My less interested son freaks out when we go there as it is an amazing trip to Asia and he is not accustom to the items that are considered edible to other cultures.
I also bring out of town guests there so they can get the tour.
I love it there and am sad to hear that they are rude to Af Americans as my husband is black..Maybe thats why he doesnt like going there? Sad.

Mrs F. I'm very sorry you had that experience at Hua Xing. I hope the owners or some of the employees see your comment here. (It's not impossible - I've had other restaurant owners and managers find posts about their businesses here!)

I'm tempted to call them and see if I can get a comment for the website... maybe do a little bit of education on anti-discrimination law in the US while I'm at it.

I've not been to this store yet. Does anyone know whether they carry Chinese herbal stuff? thanks

Yes, they do carry Chinese herbal stuff. We don't use it ourselves, so we can't tell you how good their selection is, but they seem to have quite a bit.

Mrs F., you should try enculturing yourself a bit. Not everyone's culture is exactly like yours. Don't take it personally.

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