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oh noooo! i just moved away from ann arbor a month ago. i dont post on egullet as oft as i should anymore, but im sad i missed this. so sad. i miss zingermans, too.

This looks and sounds fabulous.

I'm moving to Ann Arbor in October and very glad I found this blog!

Welcome to Ann Arbor!

We don't have the culinary diversity or quantity of a large city like Chicago or NYC, but we do pretty darned well for a Midwest college town.


I'm Hyesung. Barbara Eckstein recommended this site when I asked her about cookbooks.
I have a brother in law who is a chef in Korea and he asked me to send him some cookbooks on American cuisine (with a slight hint of French if possible).
I have no idea about American chefs and was hoping you can recommend to me some cookbooks written by great American chefs.

Thanks a lot.

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