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Looks like a sliced open cabbage to me. But that doesn't sound like "instant meal" to me ...

I'm not sure the name of it but I think it's egg or bean curd skin. Very thin layers folded onto each other.

I want to say a baklava or something.

Great-looking site! And I love the Sabatini quote at the top--a truly awesome novel.

might be artichoke...one of my fav!

correction...i mean artichoke hearts! soreee


I'm with Lisa on this - artichoke hearts, maybe marinated and forming part of an anti-pasto platter or something.

I had put the answer in this comment, but that wasn't working out. The answer will appear in its own post shortly after 5pm today (June 10, 2005, EDT).

I give up. What is it?

The answer's right above your post.

[Joe: I edited the answer out of your comment since I moved it to a new post. - KC]


At a restaurant I go to they use this in a dish called "dragon skin" -- but I don't know what its real name is.

Definitely artichoke hearts

It's looks like bread.

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