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Ow! Ow! You twisted my arm! I'll do it!

Anyone else want to join us?

kitchen chick.

thanks for the post - i've always been curious about that restaurant!


Do you know if they have take out? I can never off-load the kids at brunch time (and they are picky eaters) but I love Chaat!

I don't see why not. I mean, it is originally road-side food.

Hey, did you know that there's an Indian food site called khanakhazana.com, and food god Sanjeev Kapoor has a tv show called the same? Maybe a little off-topic... Hey, I love your site and two things from your profile had me nodding enthusiastically in agreement: TOO MANY cookbooks, and a passion for Ethiopian food (not enough recipes for that, are there?)!!

sorry, the sanjeev kapoor link didn't post: http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com/khazana/default.asp...


Khana Khazana... must be a popular name for restaurants. I wonder what it translates to in English.

Yes, definitely way too many cookbooks. I've held back on buying many of the nifty looking new cookbooks out there just because we have so many already that we have yet to really explore.

We recently discovered pre-made shiro powder at an Ethiopian grocery store in Toronto. So now we can easily make shiro at home. I love Toronto.

I suspect that the best Ethiopian recipes are well guarded secrets. I've never been able get a restaurant around here to share an explicit list of a dish's ingredients. The store clerk in Toronto shared her shiro recipe with me, though there was a bit reluctance before she took pity on me. And I have to wonder if she left anything out. (But the recipe works well enough.)

Khana is food or eating or to eat. Khazana is a treasure or a treasure trove.

The site is at

I was actually very impressed with the site. Don't know if it has any connection to the sanjiv kapur.

We have eaten there several times and have loved everything we have had. The staff is very friendly and engaging. I highly recommend!

its not good enough.as no recepies r given in dis website.

hey i think dosa is called thosai in india

Dose in Andhra, Dosay in karnataka, Thosai in Tamil Nasu, Dosha in Kerala... but however you spell it, English spellings are just attempts to transliterate the word from one of India's many languages and dialects.

plz mujje dal tikha bataiyena

this sunday date 4.12.05 you have asked one que.answer is Paneer

Frankly, I can see why you guys LOVE Indian food so much... I do too, but I must comment on your ignorance about Bhel Poori and Pani Poori being South India...Na Na :-)

You are right. They aren't South Indian. My bad. These snack foods only started showing up recently at restaurants that serve South Indian dishes, so I made a wrong assumption.

i want recipes in all types

recipes should be given in detail raj

Guys, we don't have recipes -- this is a review of a restaurant, and they didn't share their recipes with us.

nice recipeeeessss, i tried a lot of them in snacks

It is just simply tasty, yummy. I enjoyed each & every dish I prepared

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