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This reminds me of this Nigella Lawson recipe for Clementine Cake.

That cake is beautiful - but you didn't list the amount of olive oil in the ingredients.

Oops! It's 1/3 cup. I fixed it in the recipe too. Thanks!

kitchen chick.

perhaps you could add a bit of orange food colouring and submit it to "my blog is burning!" such a pity, the batter is a beautiful orange...

it will change the taste/consistency - but shredded carrots? who knows, maybe for the better?


Hi Kitchen Chick - I'm going to love this, does that taste very different with olive oil from when you make with butter?

It doesn't have the buttery taste of... well, butter, but it still tastes like a cake. If you didn't tell people that it had olive oil in it, they would never guess.

So far I've only used mildly flavored olive oils. I haven't tried to make it with a strong grassy flavored olive oil or a really spicy olive oil. (Hmmm... I wonder how it would taste with a peppery or grassy oil.)

i would like to have this reciepe in french

i would like to have this reciepe in french,because it is quite difficult for us to get the mesurement

Je ne parle pas francais bien, so I regret I cannot translate it fully for you. However, there are many website sites that will translate measurements from US imperial to metric. Try:

For this recipe, you need to know:
1 US C (cup) = approximately 225 fluid ml.
1 US tsp (teaspoon) = approximately 5 ml.
9 inches = 22.8 cm.
350 degree F oven = approximately 280 Celsius or a Gas Mark 4.

Good luck et bon appétit.

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