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i love this tofu reciepe.. i love to cook tofu all different and find that is a staple in my fridge..keep up the good food

Kitchen Chick, I tried this recipe tonight (had an unopened container of extra firm Rosewood 2 days past the "best by" date). Tasty! After frying but before seasoning, the tofu reminds me of the "tofu with brown rice" dish at Earthen Jar. Now I know how to make that, too, double the thanks! (Although Picky Child #1 liked the texture on the inside but not the outside, while Picky Child #2 liked the outside and not the inside. Not-yet-picky Child #3 liked it best dipped in applesauce.)

Anyway, the question: I didn't find reference to the scallions in your instructions. Do they come before or after the garlic?

Oops! Second recipe omission in the same week! It's been a very busy week, and I've obviously been too hasty in my typing up of my posts.

Scallions go in after the garlic and hot pepper paste and before the tofu. Give them a brief stir (15 seconds) then add the tofu. I've corrected the recipe.

Yes, I agree that it's similar to the tofu at Earthen Jar -- pocked marked and yellow -- though the slices in this dish are much thinner.

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