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Why buy tortillas, even good ones? You can make them as good or better at home. Plus, you can dial in exactly how you like them... lots of shortening for ultra-light, crispy tortillas that are wonderful with nothing more than a pat of butter; use canola oil instead for a more flexible tortilla for burritos or soft tacos. I was raised on my grandmother's tortillas filled with eggs, bacon, and potatoes for breakfast. For me, that is still the pinnacle of comfort food.

I've never made tortillas, but I've made parathas, and it probably isn't too different. Do you want to share one of your recipes? (I'm partial to ones that don't use lard, but only because I don't keep lard in my kitchen.)

La glorias carries the best tamales ,Iever tasted this side of san antonio tejas !!

Oh! those bunnies are so beautiful :)

LA GLORIA IS THE BEST BAKERY IN DETROIT I LOVE THERE Churros and tamales i should know my mom works there

Their dulce de leche empanadas are THE BEST!!!

I love the tamales at La Gloria bakery. I've been going there since the 1970's. I live in Port Huron and gladly travel the distance for their bread, tamales and barbacoa. Mmmm mmmm!! My grandfather use to own "La Paloma" on Bagley. Only the old timers would remember that.

I live in NYC but always when i come to Detroit i have to go to La Gloria and get a dozen caramel turnovers... I dream about them day and night... incomparable!

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