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Did you use Thai basil, or just regular?

I use whatever basil I have. In the winter, I use basil that I've harvested from my garden and frozen, and this is usually some sweet basil variety. I grow Thai/Hot basil too, but the plants aren't as large, so I don't have as much to harvest.

The reason this is a really easy dish is because you can use those pre-made Thai curry pastes that come in the plastic tubs.

I'd suggest the following scale of hotness by amount of curry paste, assuming you also use the jalapenos:

1 tbsp or less: Okay for most people
2 tbsp: Hot (good, but hot)
3 tbsp: OW

Loved the recipe but wasn't too sure on some amounts(coconut cream and the vegetables) We adapted the recipe a bit because it was too hot for my husband. Thanks for the recipe.

Hmmm.. add enough cream to get whatever sauce consistency you like. Mine was more of a "dry" sauce. 2 cups will give you a very liquid sauce similar to the "soupy" coconut curries at Thai restaurants. Coconut milk and cream can also help moderate the heat level. As for the vegetables, use whatever amount you and your husband will enjoy eating. I estimate how much Joe and I will eat and that's what I add to the recipe. In this case, Joe doesn't like green peppers, so I cut up enough green pepper for myself. Same goes with the basil. I love basil, so I tend to use a lot. More, even, then what many similar recipes will call for.

Basic Thai coconut milk-based curries are very forgiving recipes, especially if you use pre-made curry pastes. Carrot slices, pineapple chunks (especially nice with yellow curries, but not, I suspect, for red curries), onion slices, and bamboo are all popular vegetables for these kinds of dishes in the U.S. I've seen other vegetables from Thailand used, but I don't know what they're called.

Just found your blog and I love it! I'm always looking for new recipes for the spicy condiments I keep in my pantry. Thanks.

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