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Amish butter -- made from real Amish!

Oh good God. That looks fantastic.

*slaver* *drool*

It's amazing. Want us to mail you a jar? (I guess we could send you a loaf of the bread, too. ;-)

Oh, heck yes. That would be grand.

I don't know if the bread would ship well.


Zingerman's ships it all the time, but they charge a lot and probably FedEx it or something. Next time we're at Kerrytown, we'll look into the logistics (and grab a jar of honey, which certainly will ship well).

But you should let us know what kind of bread. Z's has a large variety. You can find a list on their website: zingermans.com

The bread is less of a big deal for me. There are a number of truly wonderful bakeries in Portland where I can get whatever I want (including such rarities as a good Swedish Rye).

The honey will be fine, and I'll sing your praises for a long time!

Malcolm, I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten. I have the honey. Now I just need to get my lazy a** to a postoffice.

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