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Haven't stopped by in awhile, but I wanted to follow up on a comment I posted a while back. I mentioned a brand of ham called "Knueske's" from Wisconsin as the best I ever had. A restaurant I worked in some years ago used to go through one a week, but I could never track down how to get my hands on one. Turns out that I was misspelling the company's name... It's actually "Neuske's" and you can google to find their online catalog. Of course, I was heartbroken to confirm that they won't ship to Japan; but, I thought I would come back and mention it because they are the kings of smoked pork (although the cheese selection looks a little dubious).


(BTW, it's Nueske's, you got the e and the u backwards)

Oh, yeah! Their meats are great! Locally, Zingerman's (www.zingermans.com) uses their applewood-smoked bacon and some other stuff.

Yes, there has been a stray BB lodged in the spelling portion of my brain for some years now.


Good to hear you are well! Looking forward to hearing more from you soon!

Thanks for good thoughts.

Nice to see ya again Chefyamabushi. You might see if zingermans.com will ship Nueske's ham to Japan -- they ship to many other parts of the world.

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