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Um -- rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated. (Maybe not THAT greatly, but still...)

I'd like to take credit for some amazing feat of technical skill, but it occurred to me the thing might have an internal circuit breaker that needed time to reset. I plugged it in this morning and it worked.

I am the resurrector of microwaves!

Ohh My...That sounds fantastic Joe! Our microwave has applied for an early retirement after our assistant cook injured it---do not know what she did. She would not confess---Anyways it is SAD, very sad. I love it very much :)

Wow, a microwave from the 80's that would make it 14 years old. Still chugging along. It's great you brought it back to life and get some more use out of it.

Microwaves . . . they mean so much to us.

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