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Could you describe the texture (or mouthfeel) of the dish? I am just wondering about the similarity of the dish to a frittata - which I sometimes find to have a unpleasing scrambled-egginess...what do you think?

That's hard to say. I like scrambled eggs. So how eggy is this dish? Well, it does have 8 beaten eggs poured over the contents, but on the other hand, there is a high ratio of filling to eggs. I would think that if you don't like the texture of quiche or frittatas, then there's a chance you won't like the texture of this markode either. But there's only one way to find out...

Thank you, thank you for such a lovely site. Your recipes are sophisticated and delicious. I stumbled upon "Kitchen Chick" by accident while looking for the perfect prune and lamb tagine recipe (being now the proud owner of my first tagine). You are saved in favorites. Write a book, kitchen chick. Thanks again, Janis

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