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Morocon bread is the the best. Last time I went to a morocon restaurant I could stop eating their bread. The only problem is I can't sit in that position and eat too long. Just not use to it.

Offtopic but I really like Morocon wines too.

I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. This bread sounds wonderful, and I really love the fact that it utilizes a bread machine to prepare the dough. Less work for me!

nice! i'm going to make this tonight - going to a moroccan themed potluck tomorrow!

thanks for posting it.

Cool. I like simple, easy, yet traditional recipes. This one fit well in my Moroccan dinner plan for tonight and was easy enough. Tnx!

it doesn't seem that good,or like it would feel any one up. I like meals that are healthy but fill me up and taste great.

It's not intended to be a complete meal. It's bread; you eat it with a meal.

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