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Very interesting. I love mango. Was this dessert good?

Yes, it was. The bird's nest didn't have much flavor (at least not that I could taste over the coconut milk), and the texture was soft and jelly-like. It was served cold, with some icy-ness in the coconut milk. I expected — and would have preferred — it to be served warm, but I didn't know to ask for that.

looks like you did plenty of street eating in HK!!! hui's fruits are a must try. hope you enjoyed it as well as the other skewers which you had. i see you didnt have the courage to try the smelly tofu!!! hehe being someone from hk- i have never had it in my life although i hear that it really isnt that bad at all!

There were so many things to choose from, but time was limited. Which was the smelly tofu? I have yet to meet tofu that I didn't like.

I had a complicated mango, coconut milk, and sagoballs (like the bubbles from bubble tea) parfait that was really amazing. I've never seen anything like it in the states. We have a couple places you can get bubble tea here, but nothing like these desserts.

We have a local Pho place that serves this type of dessert, if you know to ask for it. Their one has those sugar-preserved beans in it along with the sago balls and sometimes coconut or almond jelly pieces.

Next time you're out this way...

Actually, there are Vietnamese (and Thai) places around here that serve what you're talking about. This stuff is very different. The main difference is the emphasis on mango (every dish in the place seemed to have it; the owner's brother in law must own a mango plantation or something) and coconut milk, but they also use cooked pudding-type ingredients.

But hey, any additional excuse to visit you guys is a good one... ;-)

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