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Hey, Nicole! Three wonderful recipes! I had no idea palmiers were so easy and had so few ingredients. I think I am going to have tobookmark these three recipes for my upcoming Christmas cookies and wedding dessert table!

Thanks for taking part in IMBB # 10!

Oh my goodness, I am very tired! I'm so sorry, LISA for calling you Nicole. I was on the phone with a friend who was talking to me about her sister, NICOLE and that's what came out via my fingers. I'M SO SORRY!

Wow, I am so impressed that you took on THREE interesting recipes! Rock on sista! :) PS, they look great!!!

Jennifer — no problem. Happens to everyone. As long as you're not making your own puff pastry, then yes, palmiers are so easy. The sugar can burn very easily, however, so watch them closely.

AJ — I was fortunate to have house guests during this IMBB, which meant I had plenty of people ready and willing to eat all these cookies. (Not that I'm not willing to eat them myself, but eating all of them would not have been a good idea for my waistline.)

Wow - you're cookies are beautiful! I love the photo of the ginger thin - it looks like art glass or something! The palmiers look so good - makes me think of the "elephant ears" we used to love as kids. I'll have to try those - they sound too easy not to!

The ginger thins look so pretty. I can't wait to make them myself, only, I'm not sure to what temperature I should preheat the oven. Sorry for asking so many questions of you, but I think your blog is wonderful.

Cathy: the palmiers really are so easy. The most important thing is to monitor them in your oven. The timing is important — one moment they're beautifully golden, then next the sugar has carmelized and burnt. It's better to have them slightly undercooked (where the sugar hasn't glazed the outside edge) than overcooked.

Mellisa: Oops! 375 F. I'll fix the post right away. I can't emphasize the parchment paper enough. I think simply greasing the baking tray would result in ginger thins glued to the tray.

I'm glad you like my blog.

Hola LISA!!! Your palmiers look perfectly baked and scrumptiously prepared. I am a great fan of everything made with fillo or puff pastry :) Great job!

Bueno dias. Thank you. I speak only a few words of Spanish, but fortunately my mother-in-law is fluent, so I'll be using her to translate some of your tasty-looking recipes.

Thanks for the cookie recipe. They are very unique and I like the first two. I will try to make them this month for a special gathering I am going to host.

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