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I agree! I've only been there once, but I found the service to be rememberable and the food to be wonderful.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes some gooood sushi!

I live on South University, a block or two away from Pinball Pete's. So when I'm in the mood for Japanese, Sadako is a convenient 3-minute walk away. And that's pretty much why I frequent Sadako - for convenience. The food Sadako caters is so-so (and believe me, I've been to Japan and I can think of a couple of Japanese restaurants here in Ann Arbor that are amazing), offering a basic Japanese cuisine menu. The service is horrible, I can't bring myself to leave the 25% tip I usually give for waitstaff. Because of this, and the busy lunch hour rush, I get carry-out only. So my suggestion is... if you're in the mood for some mediocre Japanese food and you're in South U, maybe on a break between classes, stop by. But if you're on a date, go to a nice place like Godaiko. ;D

I recently discovered Sadako & love it. I like going for lunch to get the Chicken Teriyaki Bento which has a large portions & an even better price. My wife is addicted to the Sadako Crunch Roll & I try to eat her crunch pieces as they are so good.

They have a delicious beef dumplings & the seaweed salad is to die for (I love sesame oil). I think I will try the Green Grass Roll next time I go.

I find the decor soothing but matter when I go it is always crowded.

I wish the wait staff was a little more attentive & if their house salad wad not iceberg lettuce, it would be perfect.


They have a delicious beef dumplings & the seaweed salad is to die for. I think I will try the Green Grass Roll next time I go.

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