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Wauw! So pretty! And so inspired. I'll have to try this some time...

YUM! Thanks for posting the recipe. This looks like a fabulous holiday dessert idea!

Superb! It's so beautiful!!

Looks delicious! You can never have too much chocolate!

Looks very elegant and delicious! Using such good chocolates must have made it taste amazing!

The chocolates were incredibly rich with complex deep flavors. I love dark almost-bitter chocolates, but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea.

Just wanted to let you know that your chocolate terrine was the hit of the Thanksgiving dessert table. Instead of a loaf pan, I did use a slightly taller than wide decorative mold which I had greased very well with melted butter. The buttered mold was placed in the refrigerator to set while I mixed the various layers. In the hot water unmolding the chocolate layers did melt slightly onto the layer below it. This gave the dish an exotic look rather than a chocolate hazard. Fresh raspberries surrounded the chocolate mold. Next time I think I would make a raspberry sauce to serve with the terrine. Thank you - this was a fun dessert to make and wonderful to taste.

You're very welcome! Glad it worked so well for you, and thank you for dropping a note to tell me about it. The raspberry sauce sounds like an intriguing idea, too.

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