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I'm thinking pavlova - you know, the big meringue things? But then again, I'd never say no to a chocolate souffle!

Btw love the new lay-out!

What about an angel food cake? I recently made a coffee angel food cake and the addition of coffee made it really sing. Have fun with the chocolate souffle or whatever you make!

I'm sticking with the souffle this time because I have a strong craving for it, but a pavlova looks like a lot of fun, and I've never made an angle food cake from scratch, so I'll definitely have to try that too.

I'm glad you like layout, Zarah Maria. The chick picture in my banner is of the taro dimsum I had at Lai Wah Heen in Toronto. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be my banner image, and I finally got around to photoshopping it.

9 egg whites??
-face mask (do you think they suck out the fat too??)
- macaroons
- omelette (that's what all the celebrity eat right?)
- meringue (here's one stawberry meringue roulade I made moons ago..
but I agree with Zarah Maria, I'll settle for the chocolate souffle.


uh! you beat me to it! i am planning to make a chocolate souffle soon, having discovered a fabulous indigenous australian spice - wattleseed. tastes a bit smokey, a bit like coffe and should work a treat with chocolate...

I hope to see your chocolate souffle recipe with wattleseed on your blog soon.

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