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Sometimes even experiencing them doesn't help. Those are very odd.

Sweet preserved olives have been a very popular snack in S E Asia for the past 60 years. I've enjoyed these since I was a child and I thought fresh olives must taste as good. Imagine my disgust when I first bit into a fresh olive 30 years ago!

I now have an olive tree and enjoy pickled salted olives but can anyone tell/show me how to make SWEET PRESERVED OLIVES?

I imagine coming from only having sweet olives to tasting a brined olives would be shocking. Could be one of those "expecting to taste soda, but getting milk" experiences.

I at least expected the preserved olives to be sweet. For a North American, the bright yellow color is very surprising in an olive. It's what first caught my attention. The dry chewy texture is what I expected from the appearance.

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