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This looks great! I make something similar - I just add basil, and some cucumber for crunch!

Mmmm... basil. My favorite herb.

Alas, I'm mildly allergic to raw cucumbers and other related foods like melons.

This looks awesome :)

The amounts in the recipe are only suggestions. This one is definitely an "adjust amounts to your taste." I just threw this salad together for a party I'm going to tonight when I learned at the last minute that it's a pot luck. It takes only a few minutes to prepare. The hostess said, "Oh, just bring a bag of chips." Kitchen Chick bring a bag of chips to a party? Never!

The vinegar is a dominant note, so the better tasting the red wine vinegar, the better the salad. I just used FORVM's Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar, which I like quite a bit.

The recipe comes from the 1995 edition of The New York Times Heritage Cookbook, by Jean Hewitt. It's "American" recipes collected from cooks from across the country. It's organized by regions, then by type of dish within regions. I like seeing the different ethnic influences on dishes from different regions of the USA.

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