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5) There is no Number 5 :-)

Fixed. Thanks. I had combined two items. I obviously failed my renumbering test. My grade school math teachers would be ashamed.

Yum! Looks great. I'm way into legumes and this looks like a good recipe for spicing them up.

It is tasty. However, watch out for either too many chickpeas or too much liquid (use less than you think you need -- it's easier to add more if needed than cook liquid off), as either will dilute the flavor. I tried using dried chickpeas and overestimated how much dried chickpeas equals 30oz canned, and Joe had to add a lot of extra spice to get the flavor right.

amazing recipe. i love chickpeas and this is the first time i've used them in stews. i'm very pleased with the end product! hearty and healthy at the same time. i added some corn and celery for that extra sweetness and crunch. it works. i took a picture of it. love the colours! check it out on my blog =) cheers! by the way, great stuff on your blog!


Glad you like it! This was the first North African dish I tried cooking. It's really interesting to see how different people interpret a recipe and make it their own. I'll try to remember to put a picture up of mine so you can how different they are -- just because it's neat to see how the same recipe can lead to similar but different (yet still yummy!) results.

By the way, I finally posted one of Kitty Morse's harrisa recipes.

So I gave this a spin this afternoon and my limited cooking skills not withstanding, seems to have come out all right in the end.

Not having seen the real dish, however, I was wondering if you have (or could take) a picture of what this ought to look like when finished!

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