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Great blogging. Just found this site. Being also obsessed with food, I can't help but put in my two cents on the pan steak. I would try pouring the sauce into the pan with the steak... the acid in the sauce will deglaze the meat pan and soak up all those glorious brown bits. Don't leave it that hot saute pan longer than the time it takes to scrape the bottom (maybe turn off the heat before you dump in the sauce). Drawback to this method might be little tomato bits on the ceiling. You could also transfer the meat to the sauce pan, then deglaze the meat pan with a little red wine, reduce, then work the meaty redux into the dish before service. Personally, I'd finish it with a basil chiffonade or a big pinch of parsley.

Oh, god, now I've got to eat something and fast.

Glad you enjoyed my blog. Domo arigato, Wandering Monk. I really enjoy Marcella Hazan's cookbooks, and this is one of my favorite recipes of hers. Steak, tomatoes, and olives... three of my favorite foods! Can you get good olives in Japan?

Jya ne!

Marcella should be canonized. Good olives can be obtained in Japan, along with a limited selection of cheeses and the like, for the low, low price of one arm and one leg. Being here is a joy in that I get to try new things, food-wise, on a daily basis. However, being here is a real drag in that I can't get so many ingredients for all my faves (or the kitchen space to put them together). The greatest frustration is the almost complete lack of fresh herbs (though I'll be dropping precious yen at the garden centers before the rainy season sets in). Kudos on not asking the question, "What's a yamabushi?"


Nihongo wa chyotto wakarimasu yo. (But just a very very little. My Japanese classes were a long time ago.)

Sugee-jyan. Go-shujin-to tatzune-ni kitara, muryou-de tomaru-tokoro-ga aru-ne.

Sumimasen. I apologize if I misunderstood. I think you invited me and my husband to visit if we ever get to Japan. (Told you my Japanese was bad.) If so, then thank you very much. Domo arigatoo.

You should know, the last time a near stranger invited us to visit him overseas (England in this case), we took him up on the offer. (He's a good friend of ours now.) Though I can't honestly say when Japan will be in our future, though we both want to visit.

No, it's true. I love hosting visitors here, despite my occasionally bizarre work schedule. It wouldn't be the first time I took in strangers, and I haven't been burned yet.

Well, then, if we have a chance to visit Japan, we'll let you know.

I want to learn italian food cooking.are there any classes conducted in delhi india
help me if possible

arun gera

I've never been to Delhi (I would love to see it someday) and can't advise on cooking classes there. Try asking at Italian restaurants in Delhi such as Travertino. (In the US, some restaurants offer cooking classes). If there are any Italian language schools, you might also ask there as well as they are likely knowledgable about other Italian resources in the area.

Otherwise, try looking for Italian cookbooks that feature lots of pictures.

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