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The best thing about those Eggs Benedict is that they were made with pan-fried pork loin instead of ham or Canadian bacon (which you can't find in Canada anyway ;-). Wow, they were good.

Niiice. Drooling. Were there herbs in those scones? That garnish looks nice but it seems kind of random.

No herbs. They were great, but the garnish was random.

Dear Kitchen Chick:Thank you very much for the critique re our breakfast @ Wheaten Manor. I have to mention that the eggs was not Eggs Benedict but Eggs Toscany and the garnish on the scones are not dill but was anis, mistakes happen.Thanks again, Best regards, Leo & Zenobia

Leo! Great to see you here!

Let me take this opportunity to say -- Kitchen Chick and I went back to Wheaten Manor in August, and it's still wonderful. We recommend it.

Leo & Zenobia -- thanks for the corrections. I've updated the post. You have a really wonderful B&B -- an absolute delight!

My inlaws would have liked to have breakfast at the wheaten manor and we booked far in advance including payment. When my inlaws arrived they were told that another couple came earlier and she thought it was them, so Zenobia gave them our room. They were also told to look for another place to stay - at a Saturday late afternoon! which means no chance! This is the WORST experience we ever had with B&Bs. And we still did not get our prepayment back... How would you feel and what should Zenobia have done being a great host as you all describe above?????????????

Teresa, sorry your inlaws had such a bad experience. That was certainly not the best way to handle it. It certainly is awkward for the B&B - do they kick out the people they just let move in? (Are those people even in the B&B at the time?) I would think since the mistake was theirs, that they should have been the ones calling around to find another B&B and either refunding you on the spot or picking up the tab at the other B&B. (Or if they refund, then paying any difference at the other B&B if necessary.)

I find that many service businesses often do a poor job of fixing problems caused by them. If a business isn't stepping up to do what's right, then I-as-the-customer will "suggest" ways they can make it right for me. In this case, if they didn't offer the above solution, I would have argued for it on my own. It'd be nice if businesses did this on their own without having to be prompted, but most don't. Good customer service is reasonably easy to do when things go right, but the customer service skills for gracefully fixing problems is a much harder thing.

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