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thanks for the review of the cereals. I love TJ, but I'll make sure not to eat the cereal (not that I usually eat cereal anyway).

blog looks good, so keep it up :-)

I've had such good things from TJ, that the cereals were something of a shock. But I knew I was in for a "special treat" when my husband said to me, "Have you tried those Trader Joe's cereals yet?"

I've been consider a food blog off and on for more than a year, and finally decided to give it a try. Thanks for the encouragement!

Apple Cinnamon More & Less..Since I'm on a die the less I eat the better so the taste of Apple Cinnamon More & Less works for me.

are you kidding me? essentials is so good. i have like 6 boxes on my fridge. how dare you speak such words of god's cereal. ima have a huge ass bowl right now just cuz you said that.

Enjoy, man. To each their own.

In fact, I'd give you ours except that it's been almost a year and we pitched it.

Have you tried the Organic Morning Lite? I think it's fairly new. I totally agree with you about the More & Less; it's pretty awful stuff. But return it to TJ's; they have a no questions asked, no-hassle return policy. Anyway, the OML is excellent. It's a bit on the sweet side for a natural-type cereal, but not overly so. It has a bit of a coffee undertaste which I really enjoy. The only downside is that it's not as protein-rich as the others, so if you're like me when you eat "ordinary cereal" (ravenous after like an hour), it is loaded with fiber. So just augment this with some other form of protein and you'll be good to go.

Huh. You know, it never occurred to me to see if they had a return policy like that.

I'll check out the Organic Morning Lite, thanks!

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