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kitchen chick.

a viking gas stove! i want! sigh...


We also have a Viking broiler, and are always afraid to use it b/c it seems like the blue glow turns to flames everytime we cook meat. Is this normal? We try to reduce spatter as much as possible, but I don't know whether or not it's going to cause a grease fire.


I do get a fair amount of spitting and popping, with some small flames and sparks when the fat hits the broiler. Try putting the food farther from the broiler. It will take a bit longer to cook, but not *that* much longer. You'll also get better area coverage for the heat when the food is farther away.

(I've only ever used the infrared broiler. I can't speak to the other broiler option that was available when we got our stove.)

I had a broiler fire this AM. I had just finished melting cheese on top of an omelet when something inside the screen of my 36" inch Viking Range caught fire. The blue flames became a smoky yellow and I battled for 1/2 hour to put it out. It was not a large fire but very persistent. I have called Viking about it but so far no luck. The phone call we got back from the local rep was more defensive in nature than apologetic or guided by a sincere desire to know what happened.

Has anyone out there had a similar experience with Viking Broilers? This was not a food or grease fire or even a sticky valve since the fire kept burning long after the gas was shut off to the unit. Scary!

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