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Hi KC - happy new year to you. that almond croissant has my name on it i think...but please remind me (i left A squared in 93) where is plaza drive? is that north campus?

have a happy and safe new years with the people you love!

Brooklynguy: actually, it's out by the Ann Arbor Airport in this maze-like complex of beige and brown light industrial buildings that include everything from The Croissant Shop and Zingerman's Bakehouse (did that exist in '93?) to a martial arts school and some church that rents space.

Best wishes for a great 2007!

(For those locals who are used to going to Zingerman's Bakehouse, The Croissant Shop is a row or two farther back in the complex.)

hey this is great thanx

Dear Kurt Thomas,

I am salvating just thinking of you... er' I mean your cinammon rolls....please treat me....to some almond, chocolate croissants at Thanksgivng and to some pecan squares and cinammon rolls. It's not too much to ask. I will give you apple pies and mother mary's finest. please reply

Try the Pecan Diamonds. They are to die for! Best wishes to the Boyd family. Kurt your cinnamon rolls rock. Happy New Year in 2010.

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